First let’s start off with a little biology. The human body is made up of approximately 75% water. This is one of the reasons why we cannot live without water. In fact, while people can live quite a while without food, they will die in a matter of three days without water and this time decreases exponentially if the person is exposed to extreme heat, such as would be found in the dessert. However, despite its necessity and life sustaining capabilities, water has been replaced in most people’s diets. Things like soft drinks, energy drinks, beer and other flavoured refreshments are being consumed with more and more frequency. This is true despite water being a healthier choice and necessary for striving towards a better physical conditioning and longevity.

Everybody has their own personal need for water and this necessity can vary greatly amongst individuals based on things like activity level, weight and temperature. Researchers have shown in various studies that most adults, do not meet their daily recommended water intake.  Consuming water is not only important for survival but also for replenishing your body and keeping it hydrated so that it functions properly.

A huge majority of people wait until they are thirsty before actually having a drink of water, however by the time your brain signals your need for water, most of us have already lost 2 cups of the bodies overall water supply. Therefore, it is important that you drink water consistently throughout the day rather than simply waiting until you are thirsty.

Another vital thing to remember is that while other drinks do have water in them, they are not an appropriate substitute. Things like beer and coffee, although refreshing, are not good for maintaining your body’s water equilibrium. This is because they are diuretics or blood thinners and thus, can cause you to lose more water in the form of urination than you are actually ingesting in the form of beverage.

Every day you need to consume water and this amount increases with your current activity level. Thus, when you exercise daily you need more water than a person who doesn’t. This increased need is caused by perspiration or by the sweat that you lose while you are working out. To maximize your gains during any fitness program you need to ensure your body is functioning at its peak performance level. If you do not consume enough water prior to working out and during your routine, it will have an adverse affect on your overall results. This could take the form of low energy during your program or even an inability to complete your workout. Water also helps to increase muscle function. If you want to continue to see gains and increase your overall performance it is vital that you keep yourself properly hydrated.

To ensure that you do not forget to drink water before, during and after your workout you should keep a water bottle near you at all times. That way you have a constant reminder of your body’s necessity to stay hydrated. If you want to take your fitness program to the next level you can add nutrients or protein powder to your water in order to help with muscle building and recovery after an intense workout.

Water is not only vital for survival but is also an integral part of any fitness workout, remember to stay well hydrated and you will soon see fitness results that you can be proud of.

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