Nutrition Package

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$15750 /3 Month Commitment
*** That’s only $50 a month for unlimited access to questions, suggestions, information, programs etc. from a certified personal fitness trainer.

If you are highly motivated but just need some sound advice, or you are living outside of Edmonton, or perhaps you have very minimal time in your busy week – online coaching might be for you! Your free consultation will be over the phone – one of our FLARE specialists will ask you a detailed questionnaire about your habits, goals, time constraints, past injuries and what equipment you have as well as your experience with fitness.

Here is what you can expect from purchasing an online package:

  • Detailed exercise programs with descriptions, pictures and your own personal weights and reps you will be performing (you will keep track as you progress)
  • Nutritional templates and weekly/monthly goals you will set and follow
  • Daily inspirational mindset exercises and quotes to motivate you
  • Weekly check ups via email or phone call to check in and see how you are doing
  • Available professional help from your FLARE trainer anytime you might have questions or concerns about your program – we will answer within 24 hours!
  • Monthly newsletter with helpful tips and information on exercise and nutrition

Real change comes from 3 months of a commitment to your goals – this will allow your body to adjust to the new exercise regime and you will see real, tangible progress by the time your 3 months have finalized! What is a little harder to measure is your change of habits and the way you think about your health – through the 3 month program you will learn to make achievable, realistic goals and you will understand what it means to work your life around achieving your new healthy lifestyle.

Your Health First, Always

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