24 Sessions (2x a Week for approximately 3 months)

(Prices Include GST)

$315000 131.25/Sessions
  • These prices do not increase if more people attend the class – therefore, the more people you get, the less each individual person will have to pay! (eg. If 12 people join, it will be $10.94/session/per person. If 15 people join, it will be $8.75/session/per person) That is a VERY nice rate for paying for an individualized exercise class that comes to you!
  • Feel free to sign up full time or part time (some people can only make 1 class a week), you have the freedom to work out the classes among yourselves.
  • These classes, although they are a “boot camp group class”, they are in fact very individual – every exercise will be modified to suit your fitness level – all injuries will not only be taken in to account, the exercises given will help strengthen the problem areas.

As a business, a company will not succeed without its employees. If these employees are often sick, stressed out, unproductive due to lack of sleep, have chronic pain or develop diseases due to a sedentary lifestyle, the business will suffer. As an employee, your satisfaction with your work place as well as your overall happiness with the health of your body and mind should be a priority.

Studies have shown that if you decrease stress, increase physical activity and create an environment that accentuates unity and culture, both the employee and the company will benefit. Unfortunately, the problem lies with implementing effective strategies within the workforce. Gym memberships are expensive, but time is a big factor as well. Employees don’t have time to leave work, drive to a gym, work out and then go home.

FLARE Fitness has designed a solution that benefits the business and its employee. FLARE trainers will come straight to the work place – they can train before work (so you can do your workout at the start of your day), at lunch time (our trainers can design classes that allow you to de-stress and get fit without sweating too much), or after work ( just leave your desk, your class is right on location!).

FLARE classes are about your specific needs – they can be tailored toward meditation and stretching, or they can implement total body strength exercises so you can increase your bone density, fix muscle imbalances and decrease the risk factors associated with sitting for long periods of time (chronic pain, high blood pressure, heart disease etc.)

These classes add convenience, high quality training and stress release right in the workplace. NO equipment necessary. Classes can be held in meeting rooms, lobbies, lunch areas or in a company gym. If there is access to mats and weights (from home or a gym), they will be added in to the program.

Employees will develop a sense of community with their fellow co-workers – its a great way to laugh, de-stress, and strengthen the body and spirit!

Lunch and Learn

(Prices Include GST)

$15750 52.50/Session

Fit & Healthy in the Age of Technology

(Prices Include GST)

$31500 315/Session

The vast majority of companies have now reviewed the benefits of bringing health and wellness in to their employees workplace – implementing that information to their work force however, has been difficult. FLARE fitness has designed specific workplace talks that describe not only the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition, but also gives information on what to do and how to overcome barriers at work and at home.

These talks can be as short as a lunch time break, where useful tips and information can improve work quality and decrease pain.  Or they can extend in to 1-2 hour courses for the entire company to learn how to transform their lives with careful goal setting, proper understanding of stress and exercises that can be used to stretch and strengthen the body.

1) Lunch and Learn Series:

  • 3 – 30 minute sessions (The three courses can be booked anytime within a year)
    • Stretch and strengthen to alleviate sitting at a desk
    • Proper nutrition – how to muddle through the diet fads
    • Measure your stress, take control!

2) Trying to be healthy during the age of technology:

  • 1-2 hours
  • Facts about sitting and risk factors associated with a sedentary lifestyle
  • Specific guidelines on how to start getting healthy, how much you need to do, and what you need to do
  • Managing stress
  • Exercises and stretches that give you the most benefit in a limited time
  • Nutrition guide for people with normal lives

3) Custom Made

  • We will sit down with you and discuss what kind of presentation will best suit your company’s needs including time frame, session number and topics. Price will be based off of the above factors.  (Please contact us to discuss the details)

Corporate Wellness Presentation

Gym Tutorials

(Prices Include GST)

$14700 36.75/Session

On Site Gym Progam

(Prices Include GST)

$14700 36.75/Session

Tutorials Using Onsite Fitness Areas

It is great to see that newer buildings are creating workout spaces for their employees to promote health and wellness within the company. These areas can simply consist of a few weights and mats, or it can be a decently large gym with cable machines and cardio equipment. Generally, the employees are very interested in getting more exercise in to their daily routine – and the equipment is provided for them. The issue is that people are generally not using the facilities because they do not know where to begin, how to do the exercises properly or they do not have the motivation to fulfill their goals.

Our FLARE trainers will complete this gap! We can provide the employees with the knowledge of how to use the equipment properly and also give them a personalized program if they wish. We also run corporate wellness challenges to motivate people in to using the facilities the company is providing. This benefits the employer by having a workforce that is happier, healthier and part of a community; and it benefits the employee because they receive personalized, safe instruction on how to improve their fitness.

Gym Tutorials:

  • 2-4 person 30 minute walk through on how to use each piece of equipment in the gym, or several exercises using dumbbells/benches/balls/cardio machines offered
    • Safe and effective training technique
    • General program layout, reps, sets and rest periods
    • Using the space to your advantage

30 minute Programs:

  • Once employees have attended the gym tutorial and know how to properly use the equipment, we provide 30 minute sessions to each individual person who would like to actually use the gym to train in on a regular basis.
  • These programs have proven to increase the likelihood of sustained usage of the fitness facility since the individual has a specific program built for them that they can work off of.
    • Quickly go over goals, past injuries, time constraints, work habits
    • Create a personalized program for the individual
    • Walk the person through their personalized program, usually can get through 1-2 sets within the time limit
    • The program will be written out and given to them at the end of the session
    • Can contact the trainer at any time to ask questions about their program

***** 30 minute programs need to be booked in no less than a 2 hour time slot (4 people minimum, 30 min each). If booking allows, these sessions can go for 3-4 hours.*****

Corporate Challenge

(Prices Include GST)

$63000 75/Week

Sometimes people just need a little support to achieve their health and wellness goals. Since the workplace is the location where people spend most of their time, our FLARE specialists have designed a corporate wellness template help employees work together! We will work closely with the company to provide bonuses to the winners to create incentives for people to work towards and achieve their fitness goals.

Corporate Challenge:

  • Perform full body assessments on employees consisting of:
    • Body circumference measurements
    • Weight
    • Strength assessments
    • Flexibility assessment
  • Work with the group to see what can be done around the workplace to help with their health and wellness goals:
    • Nutritional template to follow
    • Work breaks from desk
    • Food that is offered in machines or what to bring to work
    • Lunch time walks with co-workers
    • The 30 minute package work well with this challenge!
  • Offer weekly emails consisting of useful information:
    • Healthy recipes
    • General exercise programs
    • Flexibility templates
  • Online support for participants who have any questions or concerns
  • After 8 weeks, our trainers will come back and reassess the participants to see where everyone improved!
  • This challenge will help with weight loss, however, the results will also weigh heavily on improvement of strength and flexibility for an overhaul health and wellness challenge.
Your Health First, Always

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