I would like to say thank you for your training as I went shopping recently and I couldn’t believe that I fit in jeans size 26 instead of size 27. I don’t know how to describe with you that how happy I am… Again, every time I talk to you, I just would like to say thank you so much…Debbie and I always talk about how much your training helps us..My friends who see me all the time can tell the difference of me now compared to before. You deserve all the credit, Tonia ; ) Keep in touch, my awesome trainer. Have a wonderful day !!!!
Jojo L.In-Home Training
Hi Tonia, Thanks you for the programs! When I get back and we start again I really want you to push me and make me really work when we have our appointments and the other days too of course. I really want to get in shape! I am really seeing a difference and I want more…….. My knee is so much better thanks to you and your knowledge of training and the human body. Thank you for your excellent training…now I really want to pump it up…..as much as we can anyway. My arms look so defined now…. Thanks Tonia!
Lauren B.In-Home Training
I lost 40lbs thanks to FLARE Fitness! You guys helped me get healthy – not only with my weight loss, but mentally and emotionally. I am in a better place in my life.
Carrie W.In-Home Training & Nutrition
Hi Tonia, Just wanted to share my “success Story” with you… I was working (in the gym) towards a trip to France & London, which I just got back from on Saturday. My plans were to walk everywhere to see the sights, and also to be able to cycle a fair length in Southern France – which I’ve never done before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I believe it’s because of your rigorous training that I did so well, and without any pain…we had two cycling days of 35-40km per day, and of course did walk everywhere! On top of all that, when I got home, and finally had the courage to go on the scale, I only gained 1 pound!!! Exercise is definitely the key, because I ate croissants & pain au chocolate in France! Thanks again for your encouragement. I’ll ask for you specifically if we train again.
Karen C.In-Home Training
I always feel limbered up and energized – it’s also great for stress release. Good mix of cardio, strength, flexibility and balance exercises. It’s enjoyable – time for laughter too. Appreciate advice on how to deal with problem areas – (eg. sprains, back pain). Appreciate that exercises are adjusted to individual ability and need. The exercises have helped me manage my scoliosis and sciatica.
Dorothea C.Church Bootcamp
Like I did a tune-up for my body. Rejuvenated. That is both fun and very informative.
Josh W.AMA Corporate Bootcamp
I feel rejuvenated and some of the pain in my back and legs has reduced. I look forward to the sessions. I love your training techniques and modify options and your friendly and encouraging tone. You are great at what you do. I would love to do more personalized session with you going forward.
Asha R.AMA Corporate Bootcamp
You are true trainer Please accept my thanks and appreciation for all your hard work and professionalism. I believe with you as the foundation of my goal over the last three months has proven to be the true ingredient to my success. Your skills, patience, drive and input along with your ability to read and communicate with me and apply your skills to accomplish my goals is a true testament of your dedication to your profession and reflects your natural skills. You have helped me in all aspects of my goals to included diet, massage therapy, cardio support and your overall global vision on how to get into, sustain and enjoy being healthy and fit. I believe there is not much you could not succeed at. You ask for compensation that I can only support monetarily yet you truly have my thanks and respect and I cannot put a value on your efforts. You have my respect and you reflect a long standing of good upbringing and caliber. Thank you and I truly appreciate your help. I look forward to working with you in the future and please accept my best wishes to you and your family.
Andre R.In-Home Training
Tired, I sleep well after boot camp, I normally am stiff for a couple of days, I have been attending for several years and believe I am stronger and have better balance. Tonia is able to vary the training program so that we have good overall fitness. She is able to tell us what to do for lots of our normal aches and pains. She is able to change her planned program to handle unexpected situations and still maintain her training goals. I really like her entertaining stories. They distract me from the ‘torture’ of boot camp.
Ellen P.Church Bootcamp
Tired but in a positive frame of mind. Your technique is very adaptable to all ages and levels of fitness. Boot camp has given me a level of fitness that I would not otherwise enjoy.
Dianne B.Church Bootcamp
After a class I feel like a superstar! Injuries are addressed and exercises are modified to help heal the achy areas. Proper techniques are stressed to avoid injuries. Our class is like a family. We laugh, we learn about anatomy and nutrition, and we exercise together for a short 60 minutes!
Doreen F.AMA Corporate Bootcamp
I wanted to exercise more when I retired – FLARE Fitness was a great fit for all my needs!
Jackson H.In-Home Training
After an AMA boot camp class I feel great. My body is relaxed, refreshed and my mind clear. It’s an incredible feeling and I sleep like a baby that night. Tonia is a wonderful instructor. She explains the benefits of each exercise. She also offers 3 different levels of the exercise. Difficult, medium and easy. This helps us choose the difficulty level we want. Boot camp is not only a great workout, but Tonia provides valuable information about healthy food and other topics of interest.
John A.AMA Corporate Bootcamp
Tonia has been my personal trainer for the past 5 years. If it wasn’t for her I’m sure I would be walking with a cane. I’m more flexible I walk more and do more. It’s made my quality of life better. She is a wonderful person so – so caring and passionate about helping people. I couldn’t make it without her.
Cindy C.In-Home Training
We work with Tonia because we want to be strong but we don’t have the will to do it ourselves. It’s hard work – and we love every second!
Gene S. & Vivian M.Semi-Private Training
Good. Versatile, interesting and exercising all muscles. “I hate exercising – but Tonia keeps us distracted with funny stories so I can get all the benefits and not suffer as much.”
Uta K.Church Bootcamp
My hips feel looser and while I’m tired after the session, I also feel energized, which seems contradictory. I appreciate the information about the specific benefits of various exercises. I practice balance daily and I am more attentive to good posture.
Tammy I.Church Bootcamp
Sometimes I feel lazy before going to Tonia’s class, but afterwards I’m energized and calmer and have a great sense of well-being! While the class works out, Tonia distracts us. Sometimes she tells funny stories, but even more often she educates us by sharing her vast knowledge about muscles, joints, how they work, and how not to injure them. Probably what I appreciate most about Tonia is her expertise. She is careful to make sure we don’t aggravate pre-existing injuries during her classes and she watches over us to make sure that we do her exercises safely so that we don’t get new injuries. In the summer she reminds us how not to injure ourselves when gardening and she chooses exercises to build muscles that protect us against common gardening injuries. In the winter she reminds us about ice-slipping injuries and snow-shoveling injuries, and she helps us improve our balance and our core strength to protect us a little if we do fall or lift something incorrectly. Whenever I have asked Tonia a question about a specific injury that is aggravating me, she has suggested stretches or exercises that might help, or she has shared knowledge about what muscles and joints might be involved the the problem. Our class includes men and women ranging in age from mid-fifties to over eighty. I’m the youngest and yet I still get a good workout. I  often hear Tonia suggesting modifications to make an exercises harder or easier so that the very elderly can have a safe and useful workout at the same time that I do.
Lorie W.Church Bootcamp
Tonia really takes care to make sure every class member can exercise to their own fitness level. It’s a great mix of hard work, relaxation and play!
John M.AMA Corporate Bootcamp
Energized. I am stronger and more flexible in my 50s than I was in my 30s. It’s a ton of fun and no one gets hurt!
Michele K.AMA Corporate Bootcamp
Where would I be without FLARE? Weaker for sure….. Probably still in chronic pain! Thank-you, thank-you!
Wendy C.In-Home Training
Your Health First, Always

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