Total Body

Duration: 30-45 minutes Equipment Needed: Free Weights Variables: Intensity – moderate Rest Interval – 30-60 seconds Reps – 12-15 Sets – Perform all exercises, one after the other. Rest and then proceed to next set. — Perform 3-4 sets total Goal – Strength/ muscle...

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Desk Job & Daily Goals

THE FACTS: Sitting for prolonged periods of time can be detrimental to your health. How bad could it be? Well, here are just SOME of the things that you are more likely to get from sitting too long: Varicose veins Dementia Heart disease High...

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Free Weights vs. Machines

A huge discussion within the fitness world is whether or not you should use free weights when exercising or machine weights. While there are die-hard proponents for both sides of the argument there is no hard-set rule as to which technique is clearly superior....

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Moderate Exercise

You arrive home from work feeling stressed and tired. Your body aches, your head is throbbing and all you want to do is lie down. However, as soon as you open up the door your three wonderful children are there to greet you. Greetings,...

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Cardio Program (General)

Cardio Program: 5 min Run on treadmill 15 reps Pushups 1 min Jumping Jacks 8-10 reps Chinups 1 minute Bench Burpees 30-60 second TRX Plank 1. Warm-up with a 5 min walk (instead of a run) on treadmill 2. Perform all exercises after treadmill,...

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Crunch Alignment: Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. Keagle and hollow while you squeeze your glutes. Place your hands behind your head. Action: Reaching with your neck and chest, lift yourself off the ground by curling...

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