FLARE Fitness is Edmonton’s number one personal fitness training company! Not only do we provide comprehensive information regarding weight loss, muscle building and general health but we do it on your terms! We place great emphasis on the individual. We are not just some cookie cutter, one size fits all fitness company, nor do we believe that everyone is the same. Therefore, we take pride in discovering who you are as a person, what motivates you and what your overall goals are for the future. We assess not only your capabilities but your limitations as well. In this way we can specifically tailor an exercise program to fit your needs – whether you are a stay at home mom, a senior couple or a competitive body builder, FLARE Fitness can get you the results you desire.

FLARE Fitness is a mobile training company which allows us to come right to you! It does not matter if you have a complete home gym in your basement or just some 2lbs weights from the step class you took in the 80’s– we will provide you with a program that utilizes what you have at home. Do you feel like going to a gym is just too much money? Or perhaps it is just too much of a hassle to drive to another location during your hectic schedule – we will be there to meet you at home – let us deal with the rush hour traffic!

FLARE Fitness is not only restricted to your home base, we also train outside, in city owned facilities and right at your work if you have the time and the room for it! We work for you and around you. This means that you decide on the best location and the best time slot for your particular situation. And don’t worry, if circumstances change in the future so will we! Our business excels at putting you first!

We also specialize in many different age groups and varied training situations. Couples, families or senior training is a regular occurrence in our business. We also provide boot camps, group training for friends or co-workers and of course – one on one attention.

Here at Flare Fitness everybody gets the MVP treatment!

Our Moto:

F – Functional

L – Lifestyle

A – Assessments

R – Regular

E – Exercise

Our Belief:

Everyone is different and you are no exception. The best results come from a thorough understanding of one’s personal history, mind set and goal setting. These discoveries will lead to a program design that is built specifically for you because every person is unique and deserves to achieve their goals to their maximum potential.

Our Promise:

Custom made programs for the individual. The motivation and support needed to succeed. And the Results you deserve!

 Everyone at Flare Fitness is an MVP!

Your Health First, Always

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