Community Exercise Package

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$19995 /4 sessions
*** It is advised that you meet weekly with your nutritional expert in order to adjust and modify your plan to best meet your fitness goals.

We are in this together! Studies show that you are far more likely to stick to a fitness goal if you have support within your social circles. This is why it is suggested that you tell your friends and your family that you have a fitness or nutrition goal – your support network will keep you motivated and accountable. Well what if your community was working towards the same goals? Community exercise classes are a wonderful way to get in to healthier habits – you already know everyone who will be in the class, and it will be in a location that is close to you! FLARE fitness runs programs inside of community halls and churches, parks and schools! Wherever there is a space that people can gather, FLARE fitness can provide high quality fitness classes for all ages.

These are not the ordinary “boot camps” that pop up in the summer time that promote things like “LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS!” or “GET A BEACH BODY NOW!” Although it is likely that you will lose the weight, and you will tone your body, our classes are meant to strengthen the individual in a safe and effective manner. These classes are designed around two simple rules – exercise needs to be done consistently for the rest of your life (especially the older you get), always move to your own ability and intensity level to get the most out of a workout. These simple concepts are the reason why we attract a lot of 65+ adults – you can have a lot of fun with people you know in a non-judgmental, familiar setting! Just grab a mat and some dumbbells and the specialists at FLARE fitness will make sure you get everything you need to live a strong, healthy life!

Your Health First, Always

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