1. Specialized training for seniors, children, men and women
    • As a certified Personal Fitness Trainers, we can create specialized programs for any individual; be it a stay at home parent, an athlete or a senior citizen wanting to keep up with their grandchildren.
  2. Proper training technique
    • Posture is everything – if an exercise is not being executed properly, you may injure yourself or not get the results you wanted. Through mobile training, proper posture, fitness information and exercise intensities we can ensure that your program is executed in a safe and effective manner.
  3. All forms weight training
    • Weight training can consist of programs for strength, endurance, hypertrophy, power, agility or a mixture of a few together depending on a client’s fitness goals. Weight training will help with muscle, ligament and tendon strength, balance and stability and bone density. It can also decrease health risks and transform your fat into muscle mass.
  4. Flexibility and stability techniques
    • Flexibility is an integral part of fitness because it allows a person to live life with decreased pain, increased performance and longevity of the body. Stability is a key factor in reducing senior citizen injuries but it can also improve athletic performance and functional everyday activities.
  5. Cardiovascular training
    • There are several different aspects of cardio training that can include endurance training for marathons, power training for sprinters, or interval training for weight loss clients. All forms of cardiovascular training are very beneficial to the body and can decrease health risks in the future.
  6. Nutrition information and guidance
    • Information on food portions, caloric intake,  water consumption, daily intake of proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables/fruits and goal setting can all be included in a clients specialized training program.
  7. Networking resources
    • Referral to trusted specialists such as massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other health related businesses.
  8. Motivation and counselling on living a healthier lifestyle
    • Sometimes, a client simply needs motivation and direction with their fitness goals. Through questionnaires, counselling skills and experience  fitness goals can be achieved in an effective and timely manner.
  9. Workplace health consultations
    • Our trainers offer ergonomic assessments of the workplace and implement techniques to employees that wil improve their health and wellness.
  10. Mobile Yoga
    • Our certified yoga instructor will help you with your practice in the privacy of your own home.
  11. Classes
    • These classes will be high quality, functional fitness – aiming at safe and moderate exercise that will improve the groups strength, flexibility, cardio and balance.
  12. Can train all over Edmonton and beyond
    • Our trainers are willing to make the drive so you don’t have to! We work anywhere within Edmonton and St.Albert. Depending on the location outside these areas we will work to meet your needs!
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