We offer fitness at its finest – we come to you! You will receive expert guidance that suits your lifestyle and your wellness needs. It does not matter if you live in a condo that has a gym, you have a free space in your living room with no equipment, or you have a full blown gym in your basement – we can make a program work around whatever you have available. Our trained professionals will come to your home whenever you have the time – we will drive on the snowy roads, will will wake up early so you can open the door when we arrive on your doorstep and we will ensure that you get one on one, personalized instruction.

Every program will be made specifically for you – we will perform a physical assessment and go through a medical history questionnaire to make sure that you are not only achieving your goals, but you will not be injured from any past issues you might have had.

We are certified to train all ages – we can help you at any time in your life – whether you want to lose baby weight, strengthen your body before a big surgery, or you would like to gain/maintain your functional strength so you can live the best way possible for as long as possible.

We even have a trainer who specializes in senior fitness! Don’t be afraid to purchase this package for your parents – we are the best gift you could give a loved one – it’s not about the length of years – it’s about the quality! FLARE fitness strives to assist every person in to living the strongest, most flexible and balanced life possible.

1 Session Package

(Prices Include GST)

$7545 /1 Session
Body Assessments.

4 Session Package

(Prices Include GST)

$27864 69.66/Session
Try it out package – See if training is for you!

8 Session Package

(Prices Include GST)

$54112 67.64/Session
1 Month commitment to changing your life.

16 Session Package

(Prices Include GST)

$104992 65.62/Session
4-6 Weeks is recommended to see solid, quantifiable changes.

24 Session Package

(Prices Include GST)

$152640 63.60/Session
Full Body Transformation!

32 Session Package

(Prices Include GST)

$197056 61.58/Session
Exercise will become your lifestyle – Change that Sticks!

50 Session Package

(Prices Include GST)

$297800 59.56/Session
FLARE VIP members! Fitness is a priority for a balanced life.

Personal Fitness Training

Your Health First, Always

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