Do I need equipment to train in my home?

  • Not at all! As a mobile trainer, I can modify any exercise to suit your in home equipment – even if it is just your own body weight!

Can you train elsewhere other than my home?

  • In my experience, I have trained clients in their homes, in parks, at any city centre facility or at their business location if the building has a gym.

Is there an extra fee to train two people at a time?

  • No! Feel free to bring your other half, best friend or drag your teenage daughter/son with you if they are available – an hour is an hour, regardless if there is one or two people!

How do the session packages work if you would like to share them with another person?

  • The session packages are very flexible. If you would like to train together, separate or do a mixture of both there is no extra charge. I will come over for that hour; whoever is there at the time gets to train with me for that session.

What does the free consultation consist of?

  • The free consultation can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and will stand as an opportunity for us to get to know each other – and as a chance for me to find my way to your house! I will collect your contact information, medical history, fitness goals and best times for us to train together. We will go over the pricing and contract information so that you can be sure that mobile training is the best for you before you pay for anything.

In the very first session, what kind of assessments will you perform?

  • A total body assessment will be performed on the first session of any package that is purchased. It will consist of a postural and movement analysis, blood pressure measurement, total body girth measurements, strength and endurance assessments, balance and stability and possibly some specified testing depending on your training goals.

How much room is required for training in a person’s home?

  • Any space that is big enough for you to lie down without bumping into anything is big enough to train in!

If we train at a city centre, does the price change?

  • I do not charge an extra fee onto the session package, however, the client is responsible for covering entrance fee for both of us if they chose to train there.
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