8 Sessions

(Prices Include GST)

$798 99.75/session
12 Sessions

(Prices Include GST)

$1134 94.50/session
24 Sessions

(Prices Include GST)

$2142 89.25/session

Mobile Yoga

If you thought having a trainer come to your house instead of you going to the gym was great – wait until you have a certified yoga instructor come right to your home for a private session! No more lugging around a change of clothes and a yoga mat – or trying to find parking and being in a room full of people while you try to improve your balance and flexibility. Our certified instructor will drop by your house and walk you through an individualized, private yoga session. Would you and your spouse or friend want to do a private class together? No problem! It’s the same price regardless – so if you have the room, the two of you can split the fee without any worry.

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