Tonia Leske

Position: Owner/Personal Trainer
Phone: 780-977-4808

I grew up in the country! I know how to work hard, live happy and treat everyone with an open heart. I’d never even been to a gym until  I went to school to become a personal fitness trainer. This has given me a unique perspective, a clean slate – I had no preconceptions about training in a gym or the lifestyle around fitness. I’ve used my experience and education to help others live a strong, functional life – I strive to find solutions to the cause of a problem, instead of treating the symptom.

I focus on two aspects of health: private and group training. When I’m doing in home personal training, I focus on your individual goals, time constraints, past/present injuries and what equipment you may or may not have.Most of my clients are 40 and over – the vast majority being 65+ ( I love training couples or friends!). My main focus is making your fitness regime functional. I can help you become stronger so you can keep up with your kids or counteract the harmful effects of sitting at a desk all day. I’ll decrease back pain or knee pain by isolating the cause and fixing the problem right at its source. I’ve helped many of my clients with exercises to strengthen the body before and after knee and hip surgery. I’ll focus on balance, flexibility and stamina as well as weight loss – whatever you need to make your body more functional in your daily life.

I’m here for you – young or old, working or retired – your individual needs are my number one priority while making your body a stronger, healthier, happier place to live.

Over the years I’ve also made my way into group fitness. I like to introduce myself as a personal trainer instead of a group instructor. The vast majority of “boot camps” force harmful movements on people who are simply looking to be healthier. They go from a desk job to being asked to do 50 burpees (if you don’t know what these are then I am so happy for you! They are evil). Usually boot camps end in some kind of injury – they are so intense people stop going to them. My fitness classes are designed to improve the overall health of the individual – especially people who have to do repetitive work all day.  I always say to my fitness classes, “ strength training should be done 2-3 times a week to counteract the negative effects of aging. This means you need to exercise until you die – when you retire from work and these boot camps, you can transition in the senior boot camps I host around the city!”

My fitness classes are the wonderful medium between too intense (where you might hurt yourself) and doing a “sit and be fit class” (which are great but I think seniors are not given enough credit – they can do so much more!)

It’s all about intensity – which of course is different for every person – so I have devoted the last decade of my career to doing just that. I will make your fitness journey personal – regardless if we are training one on one or in a group.

I will never let you forget the power you possess – as you change and develop, I will rise to meet your new needs and expectations. I am the bridge that is going to connect your goals and dreams to what will soon become reality.

I have found a career that I have practiced all my life! This is my purpose – I have found where I belong and I strive to learn the most knowledgeable and effective information based around a healthy lifestyle. This is my area of expertise; let me show you what I have to offer!

My Credentials:

NAIT Personal Fitness Trainer Honors Graduate of 2008

CSEP-CPT-The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology-Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP-CPT)

Athletic First Aid-Sports Medicine Council of Alberta (SMCA)

Health Care Provider (C) Heart & Stroke Foundation

Your Health First, Always

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