When you enter a gym of any kind, the first thing you will probably notice is all the cardio equipment that is available to you. You are most likely going to pick one of the cardio machines, hop on and do what everyone else does – pick a program and get moving. Cardio is a wonderful activity that can benefit the human body in many different ways; yet most of the time a person knows that it is good for weight loss – and that is about it. Here are the main reasons for why cardio is specifically good for you, and the next time you go to the gym, you will be better for all the knowledge you just acquired!

The most popular benefit of cardio that people know about is of course – weight loss. When you ask large muscle groups to exert energy to produce movement you burn calories and thus lose weight in the process. The other benefit that comes along with the weight loss however is the increased metabolism throughout the day. With a metabolism that is higher than normal, you will be burning calories in the middle of the day, hours after you have stepped off the treadmill!

With an increased metabolism also comes increased energy. Increased energy results from the endorphins that are released during physical activity. When you have increased energy you are more willing to perform exercises in the first place – not to mention the increased aptitude to go and play baseball until 10pm at night on a whim. Increased energy means increased activity and both result in a good night’s sleep in the end!

The health benefits for the body are endless when it comes to cardiovascular training. Increased bone density, decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes, lowers blood pressure and reduce the intensity of clinical depression. The stimulation that occurs between the brain and the muscles during exercise also helps a person with balance and stability.

Regardless of the reason for why you walk into a gym and hop on a cardio machine, benefits such as weight loss, increased energy and overall body health can certainly keep you motivated to keep coming back!

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